Who Shot Emily Thorne? OMG it was Daniel!

f5a04d00-7149-4911-8082-094a92596199OMG and apologies are in order just in case I ruined a surprise for anyone who has not watched the episode or show. Run, catch it on demand before you read the rest of this post and then come back and comment.

I haven’t felt this way about a show since Desperate Housewives. It took me a moment to grasp all the emotions that I was having while watching the cliffhanger for last night’s Revenge on ABC. Just like any fan of this show, I wanted Emily’s plan to work but somehow Victoria always escapes what she has coming for her. I knew something wasn’t quite right and so did my stomach. Ouch!

If Emily’s plan went through? Then what? Instead, Daniel snaps and shoots his fiance. This is the third person he killed which is one too many. Honestly, the guy has some deep rooted issues because he kills too quickly. Kill first, think afterwards would be Daniel’s motto based on his actions. Love makes people do crazy things sometimes and hate takes them into revenge mode. This show is all about revenge, so bring it on!

There are so many possibilities, Revenge fans we will have to wait and see… Will Emily have amnesia for good? Will she ever have an honest relationship with her half-sister, Charlotte? Will Victoria and Conrad ever get caught for ruining the life of David Clarke? Will Jack fight for Emily’s love? Will Daniel snap again and try to kill Emily for good this time? Will Lydia finally leave the Hampton for good?

New York, I love you but you’re so busy

It’s one of the busiest times of the year and my favorite. I don’t know about you but it’s something about Xmas, hope, and finding and sharing true love that gets me all giddy inside. Yes you’re reading correctly, giddy lol. See what I mean. Here is a taste of what is yet to come for those in or traveling to New York City.









Event info courtesy of Pulsd NYC

JCrew Sample Sale Dec2013

Drake is Not Emotional!

Drake is not emotional, there are just not enough guys out there who know how to express their feelings. One of the misconceptions that we have as a society is that men should not cry, have or show any emotions, and they have to remain strong and confident at all times. This has been passed down generation to generation. So when a man shows his confidence and emotion like Drake easily does in his music, he is seen as too emotional, soft, and lonely. Therefore, his albums are not as respected as hardcore or gangsta rappers. In his latest interview with Jian Ghomeshi, Drake shows just how strong he is. We see how much of himself he gives in creating the OVO Fest to broaden the tourism of Toronto and how much work he puts into making his music speak as his legacy to stand out amongst the greats. Check it out:

Watch it here

Who Shot Ya Emily Thorne? Probably not Aiden.

Well. Well. Well! Its back to the drawing board for me. Deep down in my heart, I hope that Emily getting shot is all a dream. However, I’m not quite ready to place my final bet on that assumption.   You may think you know but you have no idea.  I can’t help to replay this saying in my mind especially after what I just saw. Since the obvious option is never the route that the writers take, it keeps us all on our toes and tuning in for another Sunday wondering, who shot ya? Just when you think you know whats going on with ABC Revenge, they pull another fast one on us.  While, I am still hoping that we will never see the day that Emily Thorne gets shot since it’s all a dream she is having, I am left with no choice but to find a new enemy or friend that may have shot her. So my bets are now on Charlotte.

For those of you who may watch the show and know that Charlotte is Emily’s biological sister but the poor girl who has been through so much this past year (losing her baby and her boyfriend) has no clue. However, these two who used to be the best of buds are on the outs. It would be nice to see them get along again but I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon. Due to this and other truths, Charlotte will shot Emily and that will explain why she said sorry to her shooter before falling into the water. Makes sense to me… Who is with me on this one or is my idea completely off?

Who Shot Ya Emily Thorne? ABC Revenge

I’m not sure if you’re as hooked on this show as I am, but watching Emily VanCamp playing Emily Thorne every Sunday night on ABC is breathtaking. The writers of this show are brilliant and the fashion is just as memorable. While I take a break to tell you guys this is a much watch at 9p each Sunday night, below are some fashion from my favorite revenger, Ms. Emily Thorne.

Stay tuned as I try to figure out each week who may kill Emily Thorne at the series final by weighing in your votes. In the first episode there was a flash-forward of Emily Thorne being shot by an unknown cast member. If you need help catching up on the show, I would be more than happy to help you with those deeds. For now, I’m keeping my eye out on Jack (on the left). He’s nice eye candy eh.






Heart Print Shirts: Are they for you?

We seen this look on Tamar Braxton and Paula Patton. Both ladies rocked the Burberry Heart Print shirt but as I contemplate whether or not I should add this look to my collection, I came across a similar shirt by Equipment SS14 that is less of a splurge. Would wait to get the Equipment shirt ($ 260) instead or splurge on the available Burberry ($ 795) shirt now? What’s a girl to do?

Photos via: Fashionbombdaily, Matches Fashion, Burberry, and Moda Operandi





Target Announces Next Collaboration with Peter Pilotto

Ladies get ready to pencil in another key date in your calendars besides Christmas and right before Valentines Day. Target’s latest collection with Peter Pilotto is due in store February 9, 2014. The London based brand will feature women’s apparel, swimwear, and accessories for under $80.00. Expect a few items to be featured on the luxury fashion website, NET-A-PORTER as well. Most of Peter Pilotto’s silhouettes from Fall 2013 offerings were of 3-D printing techniques. Below are a few of my favorite items from the current collection to get you excited about February.

Pictures via Style.com & NET-A-PORTER




Lost excitement for 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target? Me Too!

The wait is over! 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target is available online and in stores today. After all the anticipation around this release, I completely forgot about it until earlier this morning. Thanks POPSUGAR email subscriptions for reminding me to make my purchase online for the only two items that I liked. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but I expected a lot more. Rihanna’s new collection disappointed me as well!

If you forgot or refused to wake up early with anticipation of obtaining the collection in stores, please take your losses now because the collection is sold out in stores and online by the time I press send on this post. No need to fear, if you must have any of the items,, eBay has a few available or we can wait for the next bigger collection to become available soon…

Curious to know if anyone was able to get their items of choice? If so post a reply…

Picture: Popsugar


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